Trainees are Moving To the Next Step!

Moving from trainees to probationary members is no easy feat, and we’re excited to have two new trainees make this step: Charlotte and HanBin! After months of attending weekly Soh Daiko rehearsals, our additional weekly trainee hour, and working with mentors, the two of them demonstrated their progress for us in their probationary membership review and made it through. A special mention goes to our third trainee, Lisa, who has also been working hard but whose review will happen at a later date due to an unexpected injury. We wish you a speedy recovery, Lisa!

Over the next several months, our new probationary members will continue their training as we ramp up for our spring performance season. We hope you will join us in wishing them luck, and be sure to keep an eye out at our upcoming shows–you may see our probationary members playing with us on stage!

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