Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from Soh Daiko! We’re taking a few weeks off to celebrate with family and friends, but we’re grateful to have spent this fall in the dojo getting into shape, honing our skills, and working with our trainees.

These past few months we’ve continued to adapt to the current environment with masks and safety protocols, allowing us to keep ourselves healthy and rehearse in-person as a group. As a result, we have made great progress developing our members’ and trainees’ skills.

To mark our holiday break, we celebrated with our annual Bonenkai dinner in which Soh Daiko members exchanged gifts over a delicious feast. It’s important for us to take this time to appreciate each other and have fun outside of playing taiko–and what better way than through a hot meal and fun gifts!

Soon we’ll be back to fine-tuning our repertoire and getting ready for our spring performance season—follow us on social media or keep an eye out here for show announcements in the months to come!

Soh Daiko members after our Bonenkai celebration.

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