Welcome, Keiko and Jennifer!

As this year comes to a close, we are happy to announce our two newest performing members, Keiko Yamamoto and Jennifer Jia! Both Keiko and Jennifer joined our trainee program last fall and have practiced with us virtually throughout this past year, showing exceptional dedication and progress despite the year’s challenges.

Keiko has played taiko for five years and was previously a member of the group New York Taiko Aiko Kai. When she’s not playing taiko, Keiko works at UNICEF and enjoys outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and musical theater.

Jennifer is a recent graduate from Stony Brook University where they were a member of the group Taiko Tides. Outside of taiko, Jennifer works as a radio-frequency engineer in New Jersey and enjoys spending time working on their Miata.

We are excited to see how Keiko and Jennifer grow as performing members in both the virtual environment and when we are able to practice in person again. Please join us in offering them your full support!

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