Welcoming our newest member: Julianna Hessel!

Photo by Guy Hessel

Another recruitment period has come to a close, and Soh Daiko is thrilled to announce a new member joining the family: Julianna Hessel. Julianna began drumming with us after our recruitment workshop in September and has been training hard ever since. You may have seen her during some of our recent performances waving the Soh Daiko flag and dancing around the stage with a shekere in hand.

Julianna commutes twice a week to practice from central New Jersey, where she works in marketing research. A lifelong musician, but a newcomer to percussion, her love of taiko began in 2012 at The College of New Jersey when she attended a taiko workshop on a whim. Taiko instantly appealed to her with its intersection of musicality, strength, and movement, and the passionate, supportive community within TCNJ Taiko and the North American taiko community as a whole solidified her devotion to the art form.

Julianna brings with her a great combination of kindness, humility, and ambition, and we look forward to her growing contribution to the group. To see Julianna in action, be sure to check our our schedule of Upcoming Events during these final 2 months of our 2017-2018 season!

Welcome, Julianna, and congratulations!

Photo by Matthew-Tom Wolverton

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