Join us at the 50th Commemoration of D.T. Suzuki, organized by the ABSC.

We are honored to be performing as a part of D.T. Suzuki’s 50th Year Commemoration event, hosted by MoMA and organized by the American Buddhist Study Center. Come be a part of this wonderful celebration of Japanese culture as we pay respect to a prominent figure in Buddhist history.


The day will also include several presentations by renowned scholars, teachers, and authors, musical and dance recitals, a kendo demonstration, a tea ceremony, and a reception where you will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with the event’s performers and speakers. For more information, and to purchase tickets, please visit the ABSC’s official event page.

DT Suzuki Event Banner

About D.T. Suzuki
Retrieved from the ABSC.

D.T. Suzuki gained world renown for his leading role in introducing Zen and Shin Buddhism to the English-speaking world. His books became standards that marked a profound change in the American public’s appreciation of Asian religions.

This year is the commemoration of D.T. Suzuki’s 50th Memorial Anniversary. He is the first recipient of the ABSC’s “In Gratitude” award. We honor him for his cosmopolitan Buddhist philosophy and intercultural point of view. He is a true pioneer in a long line of internationally prominent Buddhist figures in America.

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